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Before your write, check out these FAQs:

  • Where is my course? A: HOVER over Course Access in the left navigation bar.
  • Where is my certificate? A: Click on "My Account," then Certificates.
  • What is my password? A: We don't know passwords; they are encrypted. Reset your password and a new one will be emailed.
  • Why can't I logon? A: Make sure you typed your correct username and password.
  • Where is the post-test for the SSA Work Incentives course? A: Click the FORWARD arrow to the end of the course and submit the course evaluation to reach the test link.
  • Can I have an extension? A: Expirations are automated and extensions cannot be provided for incomplete courses.

Please don't ask us to call you - We handle all support by email.

* Note: Be be specific about what you are asking. Please be patient. We are a small service and might not be able to respond on weekends or holidays.

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