Course: Providing Quality Training

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A 2-week course on strategies to provide effective training for youth and adults with learning challenges. This course is on-demand 24 hours a day during course access period.

Without good instruction, people with disabilities can find community living challenging. Independence, productivity, and integration are all based upon individuals having the skills necessary to be competent in specific situations, such as shopping for groceries, interacting with co-workers, and cleaning one’s apartment. 18 hour certificate for successful course completers.

This training focuses on a five-step strategy for building skills:

1. Prioritizing training goals through analyzing life quality impact

2. Strategizing within learning environments and using effective tools and support

3. Applying instructional plans through task analysis, prompting, chaining, and other means

4. Using reinforcement and error correction effectively

5. Fading assistance, generalization, and promoting self-managed learning

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